An Intelligent, Self-Motivated, Compassionate and
Creative Individual Starts Here.


a place where minds and hearts come alive with the wonder of learning.

Explore our beautiful campuses where knowledge, skills, and character are carefully cultivated. At Anneliese schools, students are empowered and potentials are realized. We inspire children to live meaningful lives and make a positive difference in the world.


the desire to learn - each campus has its own unique character and charm.

South Laguna Beach
Kleine Kinderschule (Nursery) – Kindergarten
Central Laguna Beach
Kindergarten – 3rd Grade
Laguna Beach Canyon
Kleine Kinderschule (Nursery) – 6th Grade

over and look around.

We invite you to schedule a campus tour to see our programs in action. If your child is in nursery through 3rd grade, we recommend that you visit two campuses to become familiar with what makes each one special. Be assured that your child can easily and seamlessly transition between campuses. Our school staff is happy to help you find the campus that best suits your child.