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Anneliese Gedenk Woche: Remembering Our Founder

All three campuses celebrated and remembered our late founder, Anneliese Schimmelpfennig, in the week leading up to the first anniversary of her passing. Throughout our Founders Week – also named Anneliese Gedenk Woche – Anneliese Schools students and staff members reflected on Anneliese’s legacy.

Teachers and students (Aliso campus shown above and below) wore nasturtium pins all week to remember Anneliese – the nasturtium was one of her favorite flowers.

Our teachers and students participated in many special readings, puppet shows, and ecology, art, and cooking activities to remember the woman whose school is committed to creating a happy childhood and many wonderful learning opportunities to pave the way to a positive, productive, and successful pathways ahead.

Ms. Angela’s K1 class made beautiful butterfly wings.

KKS students planted herbs with Ms. Monika in her memory.

Ms. Mikyla’s KS class made butterflies and nasturtiums.

Our intensive World Language classes learned more about Anneliese’s love for cooking. Students baked focaccia bread decorated with vegetables and edible flowers to reflect the nature in the gardens that surround them at school.

Ms. Nasrin’s KS class painted artwork to pay tribute to Anneliese.

Ms. Aileen read a book to her gardening class that was written in the early 1900s by a Prussian woman who was fascinated by the natural world and wanted to teach children all about plants and nature, just like Frau Anneliese.

Aliso classes created rainbow-inspired and other artworks to remember Anneliese.

Mr. Mike asked his 4th graders to find words to share their memories of Frau Anneliese, what she meant to them, and the beautiful environment we are lucky to “live” in.

On the 6th grade trip to Kadavu, Fiji, while visiting the property that Anneliese owns, students were led by Frau Sabine to make Anneliese’s famous traditional German potato salad.

Ms. Chelsea and Frau Sabine’s KS class created a peacock, each decorating a feather with their name and what they love most about Anneliese Schools.

Eiko Sensei’s K1 class focused many discussions on Anneliese’s core values and what they mean to the children. They also observed blossoms in full bloom in our gardens and painted their own.

Ms. Sam’s K1 class painted portraits of Frau Anneliese.