K1 Aliso Students Have Fun Scarf Dancing

Students in Ms. Shanon’s K1 class at Aliso had fun scarf dancing in class recently. The creative activity blended color and sensory exploration for the children. Ms. Shanon shares, “I hung scarves in various vibrant colors from the ceiling and invited the children to come explore. As they enjoyed weaving in and out of the scarves, they began to put the fabric on their faces and discovered they could see the world in different colors and shades. I then put

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Aliso Students Deepen Friendships & Practice Name Writing

Students in Ms. Shannon’s K1 class at our Aliso campus enjoyed their fourth week of the school year with plenty of activities to build development and classroom relationships. Ms. Shannon reports that her students worked on strengthening their fine motor skills and practiced writing and letters. They also participated in a fun literacy activity where the students had to match their friends’ photos to their names. A highlight of the week was when Ms. Shannon’s students tried out their new

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K1 Students Enjoy Fine Motor Activities & Number & Letter Recognition

Students in Ms. Rocio’s K1 class at our Aliso Campus focused on fine motor activities and number and letter recognition last week. Activities involving small objects – like sorting and organizing – help children in this grade level to hone their fine motor skills. Ms. Rocio’s class also worked on fun projects that encourage critical thinking. She says, “One of the students used the board to analyze how things work when they are linked together.” In Eiko Sensei’s K1 class at

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