Anneliese Journal

Developing the Whole Child

Every child is wonderfully unique, filled with wants, needs, dreams, challenges, and talents. Daily life is overflowing with elements that can be detrimental to the developmental growth of a child. From shortening attention spans due to an overabundance of screen time, to social media and the potentially disastrous effects it can have on one’s self-image and mental health, today’s children face many hurdles. Children are growing up in a world that threatens to limit who they are and prevent them

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A Year of Resilience – Anneliese Learning in a Pandemic

It’s a powerful feeling to look back on the year we all just survived in this pandemic. Routines that were once strange or odd to adopt are now second-nature, as we’ve all adapted to this new way of coping through something most of us hadn’t yet lived to see. If you’re a parent coming to campus, your daily visits resemble something like, “grab a mask before you get out of the car, no setting foot in the classroom, keep a

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