Manzanita 1st and 2nd Graders Set Goals Through Art

Recently, students at the Manzanita campus used art to reflect on their aspirations for the school year. Ms. Lisa shares, “The first grade students painted a tree and wrote their strengths on the roots and goals on the branches. The second grade students painted roses and added a ‘rose, bud, and thorn’ to their artwork to show their progression through their goals and strengths.” These beautiful paintings serve as a reminder to the students how far they have come, and

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KS and 2nd Grade Students Enjoy Animal Care Fun at Willowbrook

  Our Willowbrook campus saw lots of animal care fun this week, from hens to mini horses. Ms. Janet, the school’s Animal Care Coordinator, enlisted Ms. Joanna’s 2nd grade class to give our hen, Galaxy, a spa day.   Ms. Janet says, “Sometimes dust baths just don’t do the trick!” Additionally, Ms. Nasrin’s KS students enjoyed their animal fun class this week as they visited the mini horses.

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