4th Grade Classes Work Collaboratively in Groups to Research & Solve Problems

The 4th grade classes have been working on multiple group projects this semester, lending to creative collaboration, research, and problem-solving skills. Mr. Mike shares, “The 4th grade divided into 5 groups to make an environment mural: The Maldives; Borneo Rainforest; Australian Outback; Botswana Grasslands and Antarctica. They had to research animals, plants, birds and ‘water creatures’ that were endangered to draw and put on their mural. They researched adaptations and behaviors of endangered species and produced slides for the outside

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Fourth Grade Classes Visit Big Bear on Overnight Field Trip

The fourth grade classes of Mr. Mike and Mr. Martyn traveled to Big Bear, California last week for the school’s annual fourth grade overnight field trip. This excursion to YMCA’s Camp Whittle is a great experience for the fourth graders to develop some independence and strengthen friendships. Their action-packed two-day trip involved team-building exercises, archery, hockey, animal experiences, camp fires, nature walks, rock-wall climbing, an exciting night hike, and much more, all surrounded by nature.

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