Fifth Grade Students Enjoy STEAM Activities at Astro Camp

Our fifth grade class visited Astro Camp in the spring for their big experiential learning trip of the school year. The students participated in a wide array of STEAM activities and team-building exercises for a memorable overnight getaway. Mr. Joshua shares, “Astro Camp was literally a blast for our fifth graders! From blasting off rockets that they had built themselves, to bursting hydrogen-filled balloons into giant fireballs, to flying through the pine forest on zip lines, there was no shortage

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French Language Classes Practice Vocabulary Through Baking

Intensive French Language classes joined together to celebrate “La Fête de La Baguette” with Chef Jake, who taught our students how to knead and shape a baguette. Culture is an important aspect of World Language classes, and opportunities to review vocabulary and learn the culture of the countries where a language is spoken makes the learning more meaningful. Next week they will celebrate “La Tour Eiffel,” the iconic tower that is the symbol of Paris. Madame Odile shares, “Chef Jake

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Eco-literacy Studies at Anneliese Schools

Regenerative Farm Field Trip Focuses on Eco-Literacy Studies

Our 5th grade students recently visited the school’s regenerative farm, Rebel Mountain in Claremont, as part of their eco-literacy and gardening studies. While harvesting fruits and vegetables and observing growing practices was on the agenda for the farm field trip, the students also incorporated math and problem solving into their visit. “The kids were required to scale a recipe to feed the entire class and they had to harvest the volumes of food they found through their recipe conversion,” shares

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Scholar in Residence Program Focuses on African Culture

Students in upper grades at our Willowbrook Campus enjoyed studies in African Culture through our Scholar in Residence Program this semester. Supported through SEEDS Arts & Education, the program included three workshop sessions led by Rose Mwangi. Ms. Rose, who is a teacher of African Culture and was the late Anneliese Schimmelpfennig’s personal assistant, led children through three educational workshop sessions including geography, language, music, dance, and drumming from several African countries. The students especially enjoyed learning the African dances.

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5th Grade Students Study Historical Figures in American Revolution

The 5th grade students recently completed their Historical Figures Project presentations as part of the class American Revolution unit. Mr. Joshua shares, “Students selected a significant contributor to the American Revolution, researched, and then presented a lesson about that figure with an added creative element. Some were movies, news reports, Jeopardy matches, board games, sculptures, and song performances!”

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