French Language Classes Practice Vocabulary Through Baking

Intensive French Language classes joined together to celebrate “La Fête de La Baguette” with Chef Jake, who taught our students how to knead and shape a baguette. Culture is an important aspect of World Language classes, and opportunities to review vocabulary and learn the culture of the countries where a language is spoken makes the learning more meaningful. Next week they will celebrate “La Tour Eiffel,” the iconic tower that is the symbol of Paris. Madame Odile shares, “Chef Jake

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Sixth Graders Embark on Sculpture & Research Report

Our sixth graders have begun a sculpture unit with their art teacher, Brittany, a local sculpture artist. The first stage of the creative process leading up to sculpting an original dragon included some background research before preparing their Bestiary Report. This preliminary brainstorming involves a design sketch, their dragon’s species name, location, and descriptions of the dragon’s physical characteristics and behavior. Our sculptors then began to shape their dragons around a wire armature, mounted on a pedestal base. This interdisciplinary

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Scholar in Residence Program Focuses on African Culture

Students in upper grades at our Willowbrook Campus enjoyed studies in African Culture through our Scholar in Residence Program this semester. Supported through SEEDS Arts & Education, the program included three workshop sessions led by Rose Mwangi. Ms. Rose, who is a teacher of African Culture and was the late Anneliese Schimmelpfennig’s personal assistant, led children through three educational workshop sessions including geography, language, music, dance, and drumming from several African countries. The students especially enjoyed learning the African dances.

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Anneliese Schools field trip to Fiji

Sixth Graders Visit Fiji for Cultural Immersion

The 6th Grade trip to Fiji is an Anneliese Schools tradition, and the culminating cultural immersion for our sixth graders before they leave us. The trip is focused on experiencing the Fijian culture by becoming immersed in it, in one of the most beautiful examples of unspoiled nature one can find in the world. It is easy to be initially enticed by the picturesque landscapes, crystal clear water, and colorful reefs. But everyone who has been lucky enough to experience

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