Willowbrook Campus

Fourth Grade Classes Visit Big Bear on Overnight Field Trip

The fourth grade classes of Mr. Mike and Mr. Martyn traveled to Big Bear, California last week for the school’s annual fourth grade overnight field trip. This excursion to YMCA’s Camp Whittle is a great experience for the fourth graders to develop some independence and strengthen friendships. Their action-packed two-day trip involved team-building exercises, archery, hockey, animal experiences, camp fires, nature walks, rock-wall climbing, an exciting night hike, and much more, all surrounded by nature.

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K1 Students Enjoy Fine Motor Activities & Number & Letter Recognition

Students in Ms. Rocio’s K1 class at our Aliso Campus focused on fine motor activities and number and letter recognition last week. Activities involving small objects – like sorting and organizing – help children in this grade level to hone their fine motor skills. Ms. Rocio’s class also worked on fun projects that encourage critical thinking. She says, “One of the students used the board to analyze how things work when they are linked together.” In Eiko Sensei’s K1 class at

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French Intensive World Language Students Share French Breakfast Together

Students in our Willowbrook campus French Intensive World Language program gathered last week to share a French breakfast together – or petit-déjeuner – and use their French-speaking skills. The French Level 1 class of Madame Georgia and French Level 2/3 class of Madame Odile enjoyed spending the morning together while using their French language knowledge to communicate. Madame Odile shares, “The students asked politely for bread with butter and jam, and for a croissant: “Je voudrais une tartine et un

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Students Return for Back-to-School Learning Fun at All 3 Campuses

Students returned for back-to-school learning fun at all three Anneliese Schools campuses this week, and what an eventful week it was! Across grades, from Willowbrook to Aliso to Manzanita, students met their teachers for the 2023-24 school year and settled into class rhythms and routines. Here’s a peek at scenes from all three campuses this week. Ms. Patti’s K2 class enjoyed both recess and class time together.   Willowbrook Campus Our Nursery to 6th campus in Laguna Beach’s Wilderness Canyon

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Nature Connection, Art, Beach Trips & More: Looking Back at Summer Camps 2023

From nature connection, to art, to beach trips and more, our nine weeks of summer camps at Anneliese were a blast. Here are some snapshots from the summer and all of the unplugged fun that was had by our campers at our Willowbrook Campus. Our Nourishment Program Director and chef, Andrew Johnson, kept our summer campers cool by offering fruit-based shaved ice. Our parkour structure provided endless play and nature connection on our grounds at Willowbrook. The Fashion Camp children

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Anneliese Schools field trip to Fiji

Sixth Graders Visit Fiji for Cultural Immersion

The 6th Grade trip to Fiji is an Anneliese Schools tradition, and the culminating cultural immersion for our sixth graders before they leave us. The trip is focused on experiencing the Fijian culture by becoming immersed in it, in one of the most beautiful examples of unspoiled nature one can find in the world. It is easy to be initially enticed by the picturesque landscapes, crystal clear water, and colorful reefs. But everyone who has been lucky enough to experience

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