You’re invited to join us for a memorable afternoon in the gardens at the Willowbrook Campus of Anneliese Schools for an immersive experience and fundraiser.


4:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Event highlights include: 

  • A light, farm-to-table inspired meal
  • Bespoke cocktails and mocktails
  • Live music
  • Engaging activities and workshops
  • An exclusive first look at our transformative “The Willows” project

Every contribution propels us closer to completing our shared vision of The Willows, an innovative, learning and gathering space slated for completion before the end of the 2024-2025 school year.


Build community with us.

Core Values

At Anneliese Schools, we define ourselves, not so much by rules and systems or measurable outcomes for our students, but by the values we seek to exhibit collectively, consistently, and courageously. Following Anneliese Schools’ trio of core values, we have added additional behavioral and learning values that we cultivate in community. For all of the educators, parents, children and administrators who work and learn at Anneliese Schools, our values provide us with a basic framework for how we aspire to act and communicate.

The three core values of Love, Freedom and Self-Discipline, provide the cornerstone of our education. 

As a trio, these values define the essential style of Anneliese Schools: imaginative, colorful, exuberant, but also maintaining a sense of routine, orderliness and respect. These values are fully interdependent. For example, one cannot enjoy Freedom without Self-Discipline, and one cannot teach Self-Discipline without Love.

Anneliese Schools believe that both teachers and parents love for the children radiates into them and models for them how to be kind to each other. Love and discipline go together. Children need tools to become self-realized adults; they need discipline to make the most of themselves. When the children know they are loved, you can then expect from them self-discipline, and an engagement in the learning material you present them.

Anneliese Schools seeks to teach children that freedom is not chaos, but that it is something different. Freedom does not mean giving children free reign, or allowing an environment in which there is an absence of discipline and structure. Rather, freedom means watching children with a careful eye, while at the same time allowing them to make mistakes and feel experiences out for themselves. Anneliese Schools believes that freedom is the natural, exploratory, curious instinct in a child. Because this is innate in children, adults simply need to create an atmosphere in which children feel free to explore and take risks with learning, allowing them to come to their own conclusions in their own ways, and on their own time.

Children generally associate discipline with feeling controlled, and being punished. We encourage our teachers to help children develop self-discipline for their own benefit. It is a tool for self-knowledge, a way for students to understand their own humanity, and to explore the world safely. These children don’t require as much external direction, but feel secure enough to make decisions for themselves, and strong enough to explore their interests. When children learn how to discipline themselves, they understand how to try, how long to try and when to stop.

Behavioral & Learning Values

We hold students up to high standards for behavior and respect here at our School. Our behavioral expectations are modeled on the following values:

We encourage and greatly appreciate parents’ efforts to reinforce the value system of the school at home. This provides children with consistency and healthy guidelines for behavior, and creates unity between the messages children receive at home and at school.

  • I am prepared for class and learning
    • I bring completed homework & supplies
    • I am ready to learn when class begins
  • I remain focused and on task even when there are distractions
  • I put effort and care into my work
  • I persevere when I am challenged, discouraged or tired
  • I take action to do extremely well
  • I refrain from making negative comments & gestures
  • I hold my body with dignity
  • I am aware of my own physical space and the physical space of others
    • I don’t crowd my classmates
    • I don’t go through my classmates’ property
  • My physical behavior is appropriate to where I am
    • I don’t rough-house or run in the classroom
  • I keep my hands to myself during class-time
  • I refrain from making negative comments
  • I refrain from making negative gestures, and unpleasant sounds
  • I think before I speak
  • I value my opinion enough to articulate it calmly
  • I ask questions about things because life is interesting
  • I ask How and Why because finding answers is an adventure
  • I ask questions because it keeps my mind alive
  • I ask questions because I care (about people and the world)
  • I participate because I am not afraid to make mistakes
  • I share my ideas
  • I participate in discussions because I value myself
  • I participate respectfully
  • I can participate by listening attentively
  • I respect teachers because they help me discover who I am and help me imagine who I can become
  • I know that my teacher has a lot to teach me
    • I am grateful for the opportunity to learn
    • I respect my teacher and his or her teaching by
      listening to directions
      not talking to my friends while my teacher is teaching
  • I use my words to positive ends, because what I say is a reflection of my character
  • I take opportunities to make friendly comments to my classmates
  • I refrain from putting people down
  • I refrain from gossiping
  • I am strong enough to stand up for the fair treatment of others
  • I am strong enough to stand up for others in need
  • I know that each person deserves my tolerance and patience
  • I recognize that it takes maturity and strength to acknowledge my mistakes
  • I take responsibility for my mistakes even when it is difficult
  • I repeat my mistakes less frequently over time
  • I know that constructive criticism is not a personal attack, but an opportunity to grow
  • I know it takes time & effort to change behaviors, and I am committed to making my best effort
  • I pay attention to whomever is speaking
  • I refrain from talking to my neighbors or friends when someone else is talking
  • I make the effort to tune in when someone is speaking, because this person deserves my respect, and I can learn from what he or she is sharing
  • My body language demonstrates openness and interest
  • I know that being original is a strength
  • I push myself to explore and develop my unique ideas
  • I welcome fresh and unexpected ideas and ways of doing things
  • I try to solve problems in creative & unconventional ways