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Farm Fresh Education: Anneliese Alive!

For over four decades, Anneliese Schools have made it our mission to provide children the opportunity to realize their full potential. Our goal has always been to use alternative approaches to education and lifestyle in order to impress upon the next generation that the process of learning and maturing is so much more holistic than letter grades on a report card.

With that ultimate goal in mind, we have some exciting news to share with you all as we continue to change and adapt our organization to better serve our communities and their children. In this newsletter, you will hear about our new Pop-Up Store, our recent features in local publications, and a new video about our campuses!

Healthy & Local: Our Pop-Up Store In Laguna

We are thrilled to announce the ongoing success of our recently opened Pop-Up Store! This one-stop shopping experience offers a curated selection of locally grown organic produce, small-batch-made meals and staples, grass-fed meats, fresh-caught fish, fresh bread, top-notch pantry items, kitchen products and artisanal homewares, art supplies, a robust children’s collection, and much more.

The Pop-Up Store at 1816 S. Coast Highway in Laguna Beach was created in late May in response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from our community for our Schools Store (formerly located on the Willowbrook Campus), and we are grateful to have been able to turn that idea into a reality. Eating healthy, organic produce and shopping locally does not have to be difficult. It is our hope that this Pop-Up Store continues to be proof of this fact.

It is also notable that while our Pop-Up location is just a handful of months old, it is already making a splash in our community with features in Laguna Beach Magazine, Greer’s OC, Stu News and The Laguna Beach Independent. These are premier online newspapers, community forums and print products for Laguna and Newport Beach, and it was an honor to have them each write an in-depth look at our Pop-Up.

Their articles explore what the Store has to offer, the history and people behind its creation, and its mission to provide the community with healthy, ethically sourced products. Check out the articles here:

Stu News Laguna: Anneliese Pop-Up: a curated one-stop shop for organic produce, specialty meals, and handcrafted goods

Greer’s OC: Anneliese’s Pop-Up Shop

Laguna Beach Independent: Anneliese Schools opens pop-up retail store

Laguna Beach Magazine: One Stop Shop