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Manzanita Students Enjoy Math and Language-Based Scavenger Hunt

At the Manzanita campus, students went on a math and language-based scavenger hunt that led them to baking a delicious treat.

Ms. Lisa reports, “Recently, the children went on an exciting scavenger hunt using a map of the Manzanita campus and clue cards. The children found all the ingredients and correctly guessed they were for making chocolate chip cookies.”

The students helped translate the recipe into French and German and also had to apply their math skills to double the recipe. In the process, the class learned fractions beyond grade-level expectations.

Every child helped add ingredients or stir the batter.

Ms. Lisa continues, “Once the cookies were baked, the cookies became a science lesson on erosion. The children simulated animals (toothpicks), wind (blowing with a straw), and rain (water dropper) and observed how their cookies held up or changed under these environmental influences. Once their findings on erosion were recorded, the students could finally enjoy the delicious cookie they made.”

This two-day multi-subject project was a lot of fun and full of learning.