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Manzanita Students Paint, Practice Cursive & Print Writing, & More

Students at our Manzanita Campus in downtown Laguna Beach spent their second week of the new school year expressing themselves and getting to know one another.

Ms. Lisa and Frau Conny’s blended 1st and 2nd grade class enjoyed projects that involved paint, and practicing both print and cursive writing to craft sentences about themselves.

The class decorated mini canvases to display on the classroom’s mantel.

Students painted colorful self-portraits that Ms. Lisa and Frau Conny displayed as classroom artwork.

Olivia A. celebrated her 7th birthday! Joyeux Anniversaire, Olivia.

Willowbrook Wednesday brought a bus-full of smiling children to our Willowbrook campus. They had French with Madame Georgia and P.E. with Mr. Forrest.

The Manzanita 1st and 2nd classroom is coming to life with the new mini paintings and student portraits. It’s going to be a year filled with curiosity and creativity.