A Loving Community of Educators, Students and Their Families

The Anneliese Community provides a strong and compassionate foundation for our schools, lovingly built by our staff, our students and their families. Our philosophy is exemplified by the unique interactions and celebrations that we create within our communities at all levels: our classrooms, our school community, our family community and our local community. 

We invite you to participate in Anneliese Community events, including ceremonies, celebrations, parties and holidays.  As you will discover, our students, staff and families come together in very artful and uniquely authentic ways to celebrate our lives and our community.

The links on this page were created to provide the most current information to our community in a variety of areas.  We encourage you to use them regularly!



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Other Quick Links

Daily Schedule

Find Your Child’s Daily Schedule by Campus and Grade

Although all of our campuses follow the same basic daily rhythm, daily student schedules vary by age or grade and differ between campuses.

To find out more information about daily schedules, simply click on the appropriate campus and then select the appropriate age or grade.

Calendar of Events

Annual School Year Calendars

The school year calendars are listed by campus for your convenience. For special events, please see the “Special Events” section below for event-specific flyers with more information.

Shuttle / Carpooling

We reinstated our inter-campus shuttle that runs between the Willowbrook and Manzanita campuses, both in the morning and afternoons, and to Ridgecrest Park in the morning. The shuttle allows parents to avoid sitting in traffic, as well as offers children the opportunity to attend the Afternoon Programs at other campuses.

For carpooling information, contact your campus administrator to inquire about interested carpool partners.

Volunteer Board

At this time, Anneliese Schools is looking for parents to volunteer with their child’s class in the garden for one hour a week. No green thumb required! Parents will be assisting the garden teacher as needed. It is essential that we have parent volunteers to help successfully implement the garden curriculum. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are interested.

We are also looking for parents and grandparents to help with our lunch program: Parents at Lunch (PAL.) If you have time during the day around lunch time and want to help, please contact our Nourishment Director, Chef Andrew.

If you are interested in volunteering in other capacities, please reach out to the Admin Team. We have several opportunities for parents. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

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