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Scholar in Residence Program Focuses on African Culture

Students in upper grades at our Willowbrook Campus enjoyed studies in African Culture through our Scholar in Residence Program this semester. Supported through SEEDS Arts & Education, the program included three workshop sessions led by Rose Mwangi.

Ms. Rose, who is a teacher of African Culture and was the late Anneliese Schimmelpfennig’s personal assistant, led children through three educational workshop sessions including geography, language, music, dance, and drumming from several African countries. The students especially enjoyed learning the African dances.

The students put their learning on display by practicing the traditional African dances with Ms. Rose – it was a great way to start a cold winter morning by warming up through rhythm and dance.

Fifth grade teacher Mr. Joshua shares, “The upper grades were immersed in African culture, language, and dance while working with Ms. Rose. The students looked forward to her engaging and interactive lessons, and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get up and move! Our time together culminated in an evening of traditional African song and dance that left everyone glowing and impressed! What a phenomenal experience for everyone.”

At the end of their studies, the fourth, fifth and sixth grade classes displayed what they learned from Ms. Rose through dance, singing in several African languages, presenting the flags and facts of African countries, and more.