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School Leaders Speak to Emotional Intelligence at B.A.N.K. Conference

Last week, our Head of School, Dr. Wendy Bana, and our Aliso Campus Director, Susan Dillon, were invited to speak at a conference. The conference was sponsored by B.A.N.K., a company founded by a fellow Anneliese parent. One conference goal was to introduce a new facet of the company, Make Kids Matter, to the constituents of B.A.N.K. One of the company’s underlying philosophies is the furtherance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in the world through understanding and honoring every person’s unique personality and communication style. This philosophy aligns beautifully with Anneliese Schools and our goal to inspire children to live meaningful lives and make a positive difference.

Susan and Wendy shared how our school values EQ and the myriad of ways we foster its development in our students and staff. The impact on this group was a wonderful reminder of what our school offers and how our pedagogical style should be the rule in education, not an exception.