The Anneliese Odyssey


Nurturing Health through Movement, Nourishment, and Intentional Environments

At TAO, we hold a holistic perspective about nurturing growing, active, energetic adolescents. Health and wellness is a top priority, and Anneliese Schools recognizes the deep connection between our students’ ability to function and learn effectively, and other components of their day, such as a healthy diet, access to nature, and plenty of time for movement. 

At this age, it is important to have a variety of outlets for channeling physical energy, and students become increasingly interested in honing their athletic skills. In addition to athletics, our Wellness Program recognizes the value of both nourishment and the quality of the surrounding environment to promote health.  


Physical activity and developing skills within athletic endeavors can be a significant source of learning, confidence, and pride for the growing adolescent.

Understanding that physical movement has a positive impact on the chemistry of our brains, we teach our students that physical activity can help them to be smarter, creative, happier, and healthier. 

TAO provides a fitness and wellness program suited to the developing physical needs of an adolescent, and we believe in offering a diversity of athletics options. We want all our students to see themselves as athletes and discover forms of physical movement that inspire them. Our athletic program encompasses organized team sports, as well as a diverse range of physical activities where students can express both their energy and their physical potential. 

We believe that offering a wide range of athletic activities gives students the opportunity to discover new athletic passions, follow new interests, and hone their preferences:

  • TAO athletes will have opportunities to participate in competitive sports such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball within the DSL league.
  • Athletic courses may also include mixed martial arts and self-defense, dance, rock climbing, board sports (surf, paddle, skate), weight training, and yoga. 

Nourishment Program:

We ensure that all students have access to nutritious food through our Snack and Lunch Programs. All dishes are made from scratch using natural, whole foods-based recipes. All ingredients are carefully sourced through a process that reflects rigorous guidelines in the areas of taste, nutrition, seasonality, sustainability, and ethics. Through our Garden to Kitchen Program, students have the opportunity to eat produce directly from our organic gardens, nourishing them with the purest vitamins and minerals found in nature. 

The goals of our Nourishment Program include: 

  • Ordering clean, nutritious, seasonal ingredients that meet our set of Health Food Guidelines
  • Using whole foods-based recipes that are full of fruits, vegetable, healthy fats, protein, and essential nutrients to nourish and sustain energy levels amongst our students 
  • Partnering with local farms throughout Southern California to provide us with fresh organic produce, meats, and other speciality products

Intentional Environments:

Anneliese campuses are intentionally designed with minimal concrete structures and ample green spaces. Access to the outdoors allows students to exercise in the fresh air, play freely and creatively, and connect with nature, all of which are important factors in healthy development.

Our classrooms promote the use of natural lighting, which further increases the wellbeing of our students. Studies show that rooms brightened and lit by sunlight, rather than overhead lighting, provide a variety of mental, physical and emotional benefits.